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Tatung Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer(TSPDA)


The best equipment to diagnose the insulation condition of oil immersed transformers Tatung Smart Partial Discharge Analyzer (TSPDA) is equipped with unique 3+3+1 channels, and designed to monitor abnormal discharges in large power transformers. When an abnormal discharge occurs, TSPDA will pick up and filter the signal, and then record abnormal data to a mounted SD card automatically for further analysis. TSPDA itself automatically calibrates to suit for the existing environmental interference, and has the ability to send alarms to prevent accidents at critical times. TSPDA uses a unique RF (Radio Frequency) & AE (Acoustic Emission) technology to monitor the partial discharge phenomena inside high voltage transformers. This device has good reception sensitivity. Even under interference in environments such as high voltage substations it accurately captures the PD signals. Practical parameter settings are available so that the functions can be applied to most high & low voltage transformer systems.
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